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Welcome to the Model Based Enterprise (MBE) website. Our intent is to provide you with an overview of what is going on in the area of using 3D models and Technical Data Packages as a single source model throughout the lifecycle of a product. MBE is an integrated and collaborative environment, founded on 3D product definition (Model Based Definition) shared across the enterprise, enabling rapid, seamless, and affordable deployment of products from concept to disposal.

The Army Research Laboratory, in collaboration with several OEM and government buyers, is working in an R&D environment to develop MBE capabilities in an effort to cut waste and develop a lean process. Through this new technology, suppliers will benefit through the reduction of error rate and re-work as well as reduced labor in data and document creation. MBE also reduces the time to mission by making it possible to quickly produce ‘build-to’ packages, that is, sets of documents that contain all data required to manufacture components, and provide all the information you need to begin production.

The practice of using 2D drawings as the master deliverable in the design process is fading fast, as many companies are adopting a new approach called MBE, where the 3D model is the central source of all design information. One key driver in this trend is the development of new standards for 3D model annotation which specify that 3D drawings now include all information to satisfy the needs of downstream users.

For MBE to be effective for the entire supply chain, the Technical Data Package (TDP) must be in a format compatible with all CAD systems. OEMs have hundreds of suppliers that require access to data on an as needed basis. The OEM will not necessarily know what CAD system the supplier uses, nor will they care.

Ensuring the model and TDP is in a CAD agnostic format is the first step. However, an important element of the delivery is that the model is true to its intended design intent – there is no distortion in the way it is provided to a third party. If the model is the one source for the part, it must be able to be consumed by many different parties along the supply chain. Each individual that views the model must receive the same dimensions and work rules in the TDP and be able to collaborate without having to contact the OEM with questions.

Reusing data once the model and TDP leave the OEM is critical to the success of a model based enterprise – one in which the supply chain can execute the initial intent of the design engineer much faster. Missing or unclear information leads to interpretation by suppliers or even worse quality rejections after the part has been delivered. This causes unnecessary rework and negatively impacts the delivery schedule to the customer. From a Lean and quality standpoint, the better information provided to suppliers the better the part is that is part of the final assembly delivered to the customer. CAD agnostic models deliver a vital key to solving complicated downstream logistic problems before they happen.

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What is Model Based Enterprise?

Model Based Enterprise is a fully integrated and collaborative environment founded on 3D product definition detailed and shared across the enterprise to enable deployment of products from concept to disposal. More

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